NovacraftMC – A Minecraft Survival Server with a Classic Feel but a Custom Experience

We are NovacraftMC, a server with a classic feel but one that is suited to almost every survival play style we could reasonably entertain. From raiding to exploring we have plenty to offer with custom dungeons, bosses, mobs, enchants to help make life fun but challenging! To get around we offer vehicles which feature cars, helicopters, planes, bikes and even flying brooms! The server aims for a player economy with jobs and playershops to help support your enterprises town to town. There are also no ranks because we do not believe in a pay to win system. The goal of the server is to have fun and face new challenges! Why not check us out and see everything else we have to offer!

Core features/plugins:
– Towny
– Mcmmo
– Playershops
– Custom enchants
– Vehicles
– Elitemobs
– Sliefun
– Craftbook
– Dungeons
– Jobs
– Pets
– PvP manager
– Bounties


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