New SMP Concept: – Skills/Realms/Custom Assets – Unique



Hello everybody, is a city styled SMP with a new custom concept which i have been developing for the past two months. Minestria focuses alot around vanilla gameplay with some interesting twists and mechanics. Here are some of the features we have implemented.


  • Custom Resource pack wich provides a new styled GUI ingame, new items, furniture, masks, hats, wings, new ores, new monsters and so on.All the assets will be added gradually ingame to make sure its all balanced out and properly distrubuted based on player feedback and suggestions.
  • Player realms & Resource world. There is no need of a Anti Grief plugin or system since you can now have your own world/realm where you can invite your friends, kick them, make it private or public. The resource world will reset every once in a while and will provide you the custom ores and items we have mentioned above.
  • Custom currency and End game content. There are a lot of small changes in the general gameplay. The way you earn your Coins and the way you reach end content gameplay. There are 3 types of end dragons that can spawn every 60 minutes and can give you amazing rewards.


We strongly suggest you check us out !



Keep in mind, that this is literally the first version i’m throwing out in the open. So whoever joins it first, it will be first person (except me) on the server. For the moment its whitelisted because i’m sure the game is really broken without proper testing so i need to keep the flow of people under control.