Nether is offering Masses with the World’s First Personality Based NFT Marketplace

Nether launches its unique crypto project with the motive to help people discover their personality’s true monetary value. Not only this approach is rare, but it’s also quite realistic in the present crypto space. Millionaire entrepreneur and the inventor of the Human Personality listing concept, Ricky Ammendola explains that “Every day people come across assets that are born and then they eventually die. Their value soars enriching thousands of people and then eventually those assets collapse irretrievably, with them destroying the savings of people who invested in those assets.

There are hundreds if not thousands of examples of such assets and cryptocurrencies, which soared overnight gaining the attention and capital from millions of people, and then eventually they died, financially crippling all those people who invested in those assets.” He further adds, “However, there is one key takeaway from all this, it is that those assets or the entire market itself are no more influenced by real facts, instead it is influenced by news and rumors generated by people and often those people who are famous or influential.” In today’s scenario, people’s personalities hold immense power, Nether NFT aims to provide everyone with a platform where users would be able to utilize non-fungible token mechanics to give their personalities the uniqueness they require to get tokenized as valuable assets.

Non-fungible tokens have recently amassed large popularity and are considered high potential due to their important use cases such as in gaming, art, collectibles, sports, etc. Nether has taken a step ahead to extend the use case of NFTs and become a new generation of non-fungible tokens which focuses on an entirely new yet immensely important asset- PERSONALITY. Nether team believes that all assets, in whichever market they are found, are based on a single supreme asset that is human personality. Tokenizing one’s personality with NFTs will help them find their true value.

Other than an intuitive interface and innumerable opportunities to leverage one’s personality on the blockchain, Nether is also developing a launchpad that would make creating NFTs easier. As soon as a user signs up on the platform, he/she would be able to create NFT and launch them. The Nether Launchpad will allow users to do the first-ever, Initial Public Offering of their NFTs. Once these steps are completed successfully, Nether will make the NFT available on its marketplace for further trading. The number of personality tokens traded will determine the value of NFT gains and ultimately the user’s personality value will rise.

What’s best about Nether is that since it is based on real objective value, if the value of personality token goes down, Fans would be able to bring it back to its original value or even increase it exponentially. Everything will depend on how it is perceived by the people and fans would be in charge of changing the perception and adding more services related to the personality token. What people need to ask themselves in the current scenario is – “if the actual value of the asset no longer matters, what is it that matters?” and if their answer to is “personality”, then it’s time to unearth its full potential on the blockchain using Nether.

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