Mytheus SMP – A Minecraft Server with Dungeons and Minigames

Server IP:

1.16.4 to 1.16.5 clients supported!


Mytheus is a 1.16 SMP, dungeons, and minigames Java server! We feature land claiming for you to keep your builds safe, a rank-up system to let you unlock new abilities over time, a player-ran economy powered by jobs and player trade, and the popular McMMO plugin! With very frequent updates, we work to provide the best survival experience we can, with some extra things on the side.


It is our goal to make people happy and give everyone an enjoyable community to be a part of. We aim to make this server as friendly and sociable as possible, with a zero tolerance policy against toxicity.


For those that dislike building alone, our community possesses an ever-growing collection of player-ran towns to join! Those that want, can either join a pre-existing town or create their very own— complete with an official command and spawn warp!


We also feature special “player warps” that you can purchase with in-game money! Playerwarps typically contain mob grinders, public farms, shops, and more!


While we are predominantly a survival server, we do possess a growing collection of minigames and unique custom dungeons! We currently offer minigames such as: Mob Arena, Anvil Scramble, Volley Blocks, Spleef, Trickshot, and TNTRun!


Our dungeons include a story-driven adventure, known as the Fiery Peak. In this dungeon, you work to dethrone a demonic tyrant in order to free an oppressed Piglin Village. The Fiery Peak contains 4 unique boss fights as well as multiple puzzles and challenges.


Our survival play includes many amazing features, like:

– quest scrolls

– crates

– artmap

– rotation wrench

– item pickup blacklisting

– more stackable items

– custom crafting recipes

– and so much more!


We work constantly to provide updates on a weekly and sometimes daily basis! Come check us out for a grand and unique gameplay experience! We hope to see you around!