MyCraft – Become a Ghost on this Minecraft Server!

Server IP:

This server uses an extremely unique survival gamemode. On this server, there are players, and ghosts!
You join the server as a ghost without a body, and you must search the world for a new one!
Take control of any mob or monster by right clicking on it! but to take another player’s body, you must kill him!
Upon killing a player, you will take his place, and he will be cast out of his body!
To beat the game, and win this season, you must slay the Ender Dragon!
Season Reward: The player to slay the Ender Dragon can control it next season to defend their title as season champion!
Main players have access to custom kits! And can craft custom spells using books!
Formally known as Ghost Craft, I have created this thread with the updated server name and IP This server uses a few open source plugins, but everything else is all custom coded by me! So if you notice any bugs or have any suggestions, please comment below and let me know! I will continue to update this thread, and will keep the server up as long as people would like to play!

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