MoonMC – An Extremely Challenging Minecraft Server

What is Ultimate smp?

Ultimate SMP isn’t just any SMP it’s original and challenging. The world is not the same as normal Minecraft there are custom biomes! The mobs you will encounter have levels! some mobs are stronger than others and drop better loot. You have many different skills that you can upgrade. You can unlock abilities and become stronger! We also have an economy where you can buy blocks, crates and more! To earn money you can do jobs and also quests or you can sell blocks/items or take bounties from players by killing them! There is also an auction house where anyone can sell something and a trading system in game. Watch out for the bloodmoon that will come every few days, the mobs will become stronger than ever and will drop even better loot… Start this adventure with your friend or alone and become the strongest of the server! We will be releasing lots of content updates!

Bedrock Ip: