Mistical Darkness Bedrock Server – Join Today!

Join me on Mistical Darkness Bedrock Server! (All Devices)
This is a survival bedrock server with addons. Anyone can join no matter what device you are using! I’ve got tutorials on how to play on each console! The addons I have chosen are to make your survival experience more interesting, and harder. We have more items, more mobs, and also a TON of new structures for you to find and loot! Because there is no world border, you’ll never run out of things to explore! That’s not all folks! Get ready for one of the most terrifying survival experiences you’ll ever have – It is ALWAYS night here in the land of Mistical Darkness! This coupled with the new mobs we have added in, means you’ll never be at ease! You’ll always have to watch your back to survive here! To accept this challenge, click the link below and apply!


Discord: https://discord.gg/pnFNKhFhaR


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