Minecraft’s Very First Goldmine SMP Server – Unique Gamemode


We know you’re probably thinking something along the lines of “oh no not another SMP server that’s trying to do everything at once”…

Firstly we just want to clear any misconceptions up, this is not a server that’s trying to be everything at once! We’ve spent many hours focusing on refining the gamemode so it’s fun for all types of players.

If you’re a PVP player we have a pvp mine, if you don’t like pvp we have a safe mine, if you don’t like mining in general you can just goto the wild and play survival. We also have mini-games that run in the mines, nothing too overkill just little fun games like “Who can mine the most gold in 5 mins” or “Who can get the most kills in 5 mins”.

Now we have that cleared up let me explain the concept a little better.


Brief summary
Explore our goldmines, fight and mine to earn gold and buy lives (including lifesteal in pvp mine). Participate in mine-games that occur in a random mine every 15 minutes. Claim land and build a base in the non-pvp overworld or fight players and find resources in the nether & end. A heavily community focused server looking to provide nothing but entertainment to our players!

What are goldmines?
Our goldmines are huge, detailed and exciting to explore. We have 2 types of mines, 1 is a safe mine (no-pvp) and the other is a pvp mine. The aim is to centralize an area for players to go besides the wild. In the mines you can mine gold ore which regenerates at different speeds depending on the type of mine (safe / pvp) and how many players are currently inside the mine. In the safe mine gold generates slower because there’s less risk and in the pvp mine it generates super fast because there’s more risk involved.

What are mine games?
Mine games are like little bursts of fun for players who enjoy going to the mines. In the safe mine the game type “GOLDDIGGER” occurs randomly, the aim of the game is to mine the most gold before the game is over. In the pvp mine there are 2 types of games that can occur randomly, one is “DEATHMATCH” which is who can get the most kills before the game ends and the other game type is “KOTM (King of the mine)” if you die in a KOTM game you can’t go back to the mine until the game is over and the person with the most kills / most time spent alive wins the game.

What do I get for winning a mine game?
The winner receives 50 credits, $1000 in-game cash, 300 gold & a random crate key.

How do I get credits?
We understand that not all players are able to purchase things in our store and the last thing we want to be called is a “Pay to win” server so in order to keep it fair between all players we have implemented credits. You can earn credits by the folowing:

– Exchanging the gold you mined for credits

– Kill a player in the pvp mine for credits

– Vote to get credits- Kill mobs in /wild for a % chance to get credits

– Win a mine game to get credits

– Open crates to get credits

– From enriched ores

What is Exchanging?
You can exchange the gold you mined for in-game cash or credits. The npc is at spawn or you can type /bank to access the gui menu.

What are Enriched Ores?
Enriched ores are like lucky blocks, when players are inside the mine an Enriched Ore can spawn randomly, it looks slightly different to the usual gold ore and by mining it you get 100 (xX if you have a multiplier), 50 credits and a mine key.

What can I do with credits?
With credits you can buy Mine Perks, Ranks & Crate keys. Therefore making everything available on our webstore also attainable pretty easily in-game too, we just ask that you play the server and the server will reward you for playing!

What are Mine Perks?
Mine perks can be obtained via credits and they don’t cost many, we currently have 2x, 4x & 6x Gold Multipliers and Level 1, 2 & 3 Rent-A-Pickaxe (efficiency 2, 5 & 7) for 1 hour. These mine perks are given to you when you enter the mine and are paused when you leave the mine. You can also use these in either mine so if you feel unsafe in the pvp mine you can easily switch over to the safe mine and still use your perks!

What is the wild?
We have three world which are part of the wild. The overworld which has land claiming and no pvp so you can build a base and not worry about anything destroying it. The end and the nether where you can pvp!

Do you have an in-game shop?
Yes! We have an extensive in-game shop where players can buy or sell items, food, blocks, decorations, tools and armor. Our shop is constantly being updated and we’d like to think our economy is balanced overall!

What’s coming in future updates and how often do you add content?
Over the last 2 weeks (since release) we’ve added hours and hours of content and we don’t plan to stop any time soon! We still have so many creative ideas just waiting to be implemented into the server, this is why we need YOU to join our community. The more we see our community thrive the more content we will add over time. Our next big update will include Prestiges, Mine Dungeons, Mine Achievements and a fishing pool in the mines to get gold aside from mining it. We’re always on the lookout for suggestions from our community as well and so far most of our latest updates have included recommendations from our players, we want to know what you want and we’re always happy to implement it!

Can I join on Java, Bedrock & Pocket Edition?
Yes! You can join using any console you wish! Everyone’s welcome 🙂

How do I join?
The IP address for the server is play.goldminemc.net

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