Minecraft Server – This is no ad, but an invitation to something new

That is right – as you are reading this, you are being personally invited to take part in an original Minecraft Survival Multiplayer experience called Bread and Arrows.

Such an unorthodox experience is made specifically for tough players seeking for a different challenge. In Bread and Arrows, it doesn’t matter how awesome armor you got, how many potions you drink or how many monsters you slay. Here, the ability to cooperate with others, thinking carefully, and planning ahead are the key differences between victory or death.

Bread and Arrows offers you a life in a medieval city-state of Evimeria – merely a castle with a village. Players have assigned roles allowing them to serve their function to the whole. But privileges come with responsibilities.

The Lord holds the most power and he is in charge of running the city. He signs laws and writes down the criminal code to make the society function to its best. His wisdom is backed by the other players – either Peasants producing food and basic supplies as the majority or some of the players being blacksmiths, carpenters, and more who produce high-quality goods.

Forget about overpowered potions and diamond armor and tools. They are not here anymore to aid your journey. Instead, you will need to rely on your brains and strategy to succeed and keep the city thriving. This game will constantly throw challenges at you and you will need to adapt, each to their own. Whenever famine strikes, you discover a new nation, or the cold comes, the Lord needs to lead his people well and they in return got to either put their trust in Lord’s wisdom or even rebel if they feel their lives are at stake.

There will be many ways to fight problems. Building supply chains, appointing people to take care of the basic yet effective economy, or even building your own army composed of your fellow players are only to name a few.

If you think you’re up to a real game, join Bread and Arrows now. It only depends on you if Evimeria grows into a flourishing state or maybe falls down in ashes, stripped from pride and glory.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a grasp of medieval reality today!

Join the Discord server using the link below. It is important since the most of the information is here.

Discord link (IMPORTANT): https://discord.gg/QgrDZJhHSg

Server link: breadandarrows.csrv.pl