MetroCraft – A Semi-Survival Server with a One of a Kind Experience

This is a semi-survival server with one of a kind experience. We have a player-based economy where users can buy and sell items. We also have a job system and a dungeon experience where players fight powerful bosses to earn very rare rewards. To top it all off, we have a fabulous custom enchants plugin just for this server. In addition, we are in need of active staff members that can help us catch the rule-breakers and make this server a more enjoyable place :). Last but not least, there is a duel-system with wagers, where players can make bets and duel each other out to earn even more money. With the newest Minecraft update, (1.16), we want to amplify the semi-survival experience to a whole new level.

I’ll list all the features right here:

🔸 Land Claims
🔸 Hundreds of Custom Enchants
🔸 Custom Artifacts
🔸 Dungeons
🔸 Custom mobs and bosses
🔸 Pvp Arena with wagers
🔸 More than 31000 heads to decorate your builds
🔸 Vote Crates which include cosmetic ones
🔸 Player Shops
🔸 Player-based economy with jobs
🔸 Auction house

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