MehSheep – A Unique Rust Server – Word from the Owner


It’s a brand new server, it’s a PVP server that is a 100 slot player server. The server is a pvp vanilla server with custom plugins. My rust server is called “MEHSHEEP” I have a website called I have a /skinbox system where players can change their weapons skins to any selected skin for free with one click. The rust server wipes every 2 weeks to keep the server clean and not overloaded. You have an option to choose to be a solo player to making a duo team or trios and squads. The rust server has a x2 loot gathering. I have a discord server for my rust server so people can get updates on my rust server.

The whole meaning about my rust server?

I am welsh so it fits in with the word term “sheep” and the word “meh” is a creativie background meaning of a sheep sound so that’s how I got the name “MEHSHEEP”

Why I wanted to create a Rust Server?

I want to build a community that loves gaming and making new friends with the game Rust you can complete that and enjoy what you love! Making friends is a good thing but having a laugh with each other that’s a whole different thing.

What you can do in the server?

It’s a new world for all to enjoy, it’s a community where you can build make the best builiding to pretect yourself from raids and other from attacking you. Enjoy crafting getting the best guns on the server to be the best! Enjoy the experience with friends or making new friends with your new team. The world has it’s own looting gathering x2 system so now and you can find the best loot in the server. There are custom plugins like DeathNotes and custom backpack so you have more room for loot to fit in your backpack but hoping on your way home you get get ambushed by a 4 man team.