Mantodea HQ – A Unique Bug-Themed Towny Server

Are you looking for a unique bug-themed towny server that offers a huge selection of custom content while keeping the vanilla aspect of the game very much alive?

Over at the Mantodea HQ, we wanted to give everyone an all-round experience but we believe players who work the hardest deserve the best! …So we came up with a system that offers a way to craft the best tools on the server, they’ll take a long time to earn though so you can expect to find a bunch of things to do in the meantime. Good luck bugs and may your towns prosper!

Here are some of the things you can expect to find on your travels:
– Custom tools, weapons & armour along with custom enchantments!
– A huge variety of addictive challenges to keep the boredom at bay!
– 10 jobs that each offer a unique craftable tool! (Mantodea’s best tools)

– Ranks to progress through allowing ease-of-access by unlocking commands & new worlds!

– An immersive 50 wave mob arena for when players need a break from all the grinding!
– Active staff & frequent update – and much more yet to come!

Server IP: