Making Passive Income with a Minecraft Server

A great community is the best backbone for a good Minecraft server. A tight-knit community where everyone knows each other is bound to have lots of recurring players. In order to make a steady passive income stream using Minecraft, the first step is to have a good server.

Decent and unique plugins also make a good Minecraft server. There is a reason why the most popular servers have their own unique games.

Quality staff members also play a huge part in making a good Minecraft server. And to have good staff members, there has to be great communication, guidelines, rules, and transparency. In my experience, as a staff member for Mineplex, during the peak of our popularity we had a very personable owner/developer. He was friendly, would talk to anyone who approached him in-game or on Skype, and took all ideas into account. When he left the server, Mineplex lost over 30,000 players. This shows just how important managerial positions are, and if I am given a management position, I would keep this in mind.

Frequent updates also make a good server, and helps keep existing players come back. A website for the server is essential for a good Minecraft server. This is an awesome place for community members to voice their opinions and give suggestions, a great place to report rule breakers, and a more professional place to put staff applications. Without a website, players may feel less connected with the server, and that is not ideal. With a website or forum, community members will feel as though they have a say in the future of the server, which they should.

In my opinion, a good Minecraft server is made up of caring and dedicated staff, a unique concept, and a fairly active player base. The server is ultimately judged by the concurrent player base. If they think it’s a good server then players will stay. The server should have some custom elements whether it be ranks, permissions, plugins, or builds. Another very important factor for me is that the staff team do not ‘swamp’ the server. There should always be more players than staff as players hate to feel like they are being watched and that they can’t be free. Overall there are a lot of components to make a good server such as minimal bugs, friendly community, ease of use, and a good anti-cheat. Staff play a large part in this picture and I’d like to offer my help as a senior position.

Its structure is also important. What I mean by “its structure” is it needs to have basic fundamentals, i.e. a good staff team, active Owners, plugins, and enjoyable content. All these things create a well rounded server. Most importantly, though, the staff team is what creates the most well rounded server. You need a staff team for everything, i.e. issues with the server, moderating, etc. I want to apply for said position because I want to do just those things. A server requires dedication and ambition; if you do not have those things, you will not have a well functioning server.

The server has to have friendly players and also have an awesome staff. They need to help each other out and have many different game modes and features to make sure that the player does not get bored. It needs to be not pay to win and be comfortable to be in. It needs to have a semi huge community and be lag-free and easy to navigate around in. This includes many plugins such as claims, helpful tutorials and helpful staff. It also includes high CPU from the server-side and memory to maintain a smooth experience from the player base.

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