Making Money by Starting a Minecraft Server

The first step to making money is to have a good mInecraft server in the first place. There are multiple factors that make up a good Minecraft server, and it’s hard to list them all. I believe that the key factors are to have a fully-functional server, a supportive staff team, and a strong community. Before having a staff team or even a community, you need to have a functional server. It is nearly impossible to have a server or even a program that doesn’t have bugs or errors, but it is the job of the developer (or even the administration team) to make sure the server can run at its full capacity. If the server is unable to do so, players will lose interest in the server. Without players, then positions like helper or moderator are unable to fulfill their role. A supportive staff team is one of the most important factors, simply because they are the group that were able to bring the server to life. In my own experience, I have found administrations and staff members that abuse their role for power. This is what drives a playerbase away: power hungry individuals. A supportive staff team is necessary, because they are the people that players come to when there is an issue. Staff members who are able to problem-solve and have integrity are one of the reasons why players play on the server. With a corrupt staff team, it’ll eventually push players away and bring the server’s reputation down. The last factor that contributes to a good Minecraft Server is a strong community. The community is the reason why a server continues to run, without consistent players, most servers shut down. Without a community, you do not have a server.

A player I interviewed noted that:

A good Minecraft server to me is a place where I can go when I want to and not feel like an outcast because i’m new to a server or i need to ask someone for help. A good minecraft server should have a kind and caring community that care about it’s players and wants them to succeed in what they are trying to do in the server. A good server should have lots of aspects to it and it shouldn’t get boring, there should always be something to do after a task. A good server should reward players for in game accomplishments and shouldn’t feel like a waste of time. Players should think that they are respected and valued and are not just a number going up to the owners and moderators. The server should for enjoyable for new and older Minecraft players and what to do in game should be made clear so the player doesn’t have to go around looking for what to do or how to play the game.

Having Good Staffs

Good Minecraft server staff should be dedicated and loyal for what they signed up for. They should always be approachable by the players if they have a question or want help in game. They should be kind and should care for the players as most of them should remember what it was like to be a new player at one stage in their Minecraft career. They shouldn’t get frustrated if a player doesn’t understand immediately or if they require a bit more attention than the other players as we are all different. They should be fair with what they are doing and shouldn’t make rash or reckless decisions just for the sake of it. They should always be respectful to the players and peers and should never use profanity as that is very unprofessional. Good staff should be well informed and should be well educated on all things to do with the server so they can respond promptly to any questions. As well as this they should be able to give well informed answers. When making an important decision such as banning a hacker or muting someone from chat they should ask a higher up for their opinion as they might be wrong and two opinions are better than one. Lastly a good Minecraft server staff member should see the good in people.They shouldn’t always see bad and they should always try to be better than they were the day before.

To my understanding, this is something that can change quite a lot, from person to person. In my opinion and vision as a player, a good minecraft server staff is one that is always there to help, and it almost makes feel like you belong in the server, as if we are all a big family, a community. Since it´s good for the player to feel welcome to the server, having the staff on and some mechanism that says when a new player arrives and giving them a warm welcome will always be a great thing for the players. This is just the part about the communication with the staff and players, there are other things that make a staff good, even though this is probably the first thing a player notices. A good minecraft server staff is also one who is present and does their best to keep the server “clean” and make a better playing experience for players. Having at least one staff member always on the server to help players will make them feel cared about and “protected” since they can always ask for help. The relationships between staff members is also important and has a say in what makes a good minecraft server staff since a staff who can communicate easily and is friendly with each other will give a better working environment and therefore make it more enjoyable to work on the server and make it a good minecraft server.


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