Maginite Network – A Unique Dark RP Garrys Mod Server

Magnite is a new community and still in development, we look to build a distinguished community of DarkRP for starters. We look to improve as a whole and branch off into other servers such as MilitaryRP, PoliceRP, and much more. Magnite was founded September 12th, we have been in development since then and will be releasing its first DarkRP server soon by October 16th. We are always open for new members and as well hiring staff. Please join us and be a part of Magnite. Our DarkRP server has many addons and has been customized to player’s likings. We want to make what is best for our players. Players are needed to grow this community. Magnite is a small community that was made for players to have fun, but it won’t be small for long. We have great plans to expand our community as a whole. Please join us and see for yourself as everyone is welcomed.




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