Life Simulation Roleplay – GTA V Server

At LSRP we offer a truly immersive realistic experience for the players out there looking for an RP haven. We have tons of custom scripts, and with the server resources made by our developers, you should be able to experience a smooth and seamless gameplay. We are hiring, so let us know if you want to join our team :blush:

Our dedication to you compels us to deliver the very best at all times. Want to feel like a crackdown cop? A drug kingpin? A black market boss? Lawyer? Or maybe you just want to be a bum? With several whitelisted job spots open, join us now and become everything you ever wanted, at Life Simulation Roleplay where reality is possible.

Our server features include:

Custom ESX Framework
Multiplayer Character Creator tool
Player owned businesses.
Custom cars
Trade system
Realistic economy
Live feed cameras
Boss menu
Custom jobs
Seamless and fast experience.
LEO vehicles
EMS vehicles
Police menu/cad
Job centers
So, do we have any requirements as to who can join our server?

We only require players to have a working microphone abide by the rules of the server.

Server name: Life Simulation Roleplay
Server IP:
Our website: