Life MC – A Vanilla Minecraft Server with Vivecraft VR Support

The Life MC is a Vanilla Survival Server with VIVECRAFT VR SUPPORT Realistic Seasons Balanced Economy and Shop Land Claiming 100 Ranks To Level Through Full Coverage Land Protection MCMMO Skills/Abilities Chatting Emotes Advanced Enchantments 250+Enchantments Many Other Game Enhancing Features.

The Life MC has been running since 2017 and has been reforged multiple times to create a one of a kind Survival experience, all while keeping true to the Vanilla aspects of Minecraft Java19.2. With a massively active community of over 500+ Members, TLMC is the place to make home. The countless Biomes provided by the Terralith Datapack combined with multiple loot enhancing plugins create a brand new experience with every step you take. TLMC has 100s of quests and an Epic Enchantment Shop right at spawn with the most flawless and detailed enchantments brought to the minecraft world. You will never have any trouble making money on TLMC with such a flourishing economy simply by either mining or going to battle with various mobs with custom features. TLMC is not just any minecraft server. TLMC is home.

IP To Connect: