Lichcraft Minecraft Server – An Amazing Community

Lichcraft is an amazing community which is fun, engaging and welcoming. Players can connect to Lichcraft on 1.8 – the latest version of Minecraft.

Currently Lichcraft run the following gamemodes:

– Survival

– Prison

– Creative

– CTF (Capture the Flag)

– Guilds & guildwars

As players can see there’s always something to do and that’s just the gamemodes as their displayed. Within each of these servers is a huge amount of great people to interact with that make Lichcraft so amazing to be in. The players are the ones that make the little mini games within servers such as skin competitions, casinos, stores, pvp arenas and so many other kinds of fun activities. Each gamemode is highly customised with features you do not see elsewhere, Lichcraft works on originality and most features on the server are custom to Lichcraft and there is no other server out there like Lichcraft. Lichcraft have a great interaction with their community on their forums and discord server to ensure they take in their ideas and get new content out for them whenever possible. Lichcraft’s staff team is also constantly working to keep the community free of rule breakers and make sure all bugs are being worked on.

Lichcraft thrives on keeping the players happy and always take any feedback whether good or bad into account. It is an amazing server which is welcoming and caring to everyone. If players would like to join Lichcraft’s discord you can do so here:, they also have a forums page on their website ( where you can interact with the players and staff about the server.

To start playing on Lichcraft, join the server at IP: