Lego Minecraft The Mountain Cave – A Perfect Gift Review

Minecraft took over the world pretty much from day one. And not just the video game world, but it became an impressive pop culture element. And some of the best things about it are the real-life products available thanks to such popularity.


Minecraft and LEGO have so much in common that it’s only natural to find that there are plenty of different Minecraft sets available. There are many ways to start off your own LEGO Minecraft world. However, here we are checking out what’s possibly the biggest, and most amazing set of them all. Now, get ready to start saving money, because after you see this, you’ll just have to buy it.


LEGO Minecraft The Mountain Cave 21137 Pieces Building Kit 

Be warned, this is not a cheap, entry-level set. This is one for the most hardcore Minecraft fans. Now, when we start playing Minecraft, there’s just so much you can do, but most of us directly start exploring the caves. There are infinite ways to explore and mine a cave in this game when you think about a game called Minecraft, it’s probably the main idea to craft and mine, right?


Well, this is the best way to bring out a small version of Minecraft mountain cave into real life and even play with it. Now, this isn’t just a basic set of LEGO with average pieces assembled to resemble a Minecraft set. This has completely new and original pieces made after elements present in the game.


The set includes a “First-night” shelter that includes everything you might craft for a quick shelter inside a cave in the game. There are plenty of minerals in there, and special blocks with the real game textures-coloring.


There are some special TNT blocks included in there that even have some explosive mechanics built-in into the set. It’s a really crazy thing to see what they managed to pull with all these pieces. Of course, there’s also the Creeper explosion function there. Basic things like a minecart and tracks to ride it in are included, with an integrated Redstone-powered elevator to lift up the cart to higher grounds.


There are so many original pieces in this set that there’s even a light brick that really lights up. Of course, not all the bricks included in this set are blocks and materials, there are beds, pickaxes, shovels, and much more. There are over a dozen characters and creatures in this set, it’s the best you can find if you’re looking to buy a Minecraft LEGO set.


Final review


Now that we know this set includes so many many amazing and varied pieces, there’s also one thing to consider: do they have great quality? And the answer should be pretty obvious, of course, they have excellent quality.


The LEGO products usually have high quality, and since Minecraft is a simple thing to adapt to LEGO, this turned out to be an incredible set. It is incredibly expensive, even for a LEGO set. But if you are a hardcore Minecraft fan, this is pretty much the best set you can buy. It includes all the pieces you need to recreate a mountain cave. Simple to follow instructions are included in there too.


There are almost three thousand pieces included in this set, and you can also combine it with any other Minecraft set you already own. It’s great to kick-off a collection and builds your own Minecraft scenery in real life. Or it might be just the set you need to complete your collection. Whatever the case, this is a really incredible set any fan would love to own.

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