Legit Galaxy – A Minecraft Server with Plenty of Awesome Features

Hello Minecrafter. If you’re looking for a good minecraft server then our Legit Galaxy server is what you’re looking for!

We have many features like:
– Backpack which you can use to store items which you do not lose after death
– Guns (We have guns plugin which adds many things like ak-47 and other weapons which you can buy from our admins for ingame money and shoot yourself through minecraft
– Your tools level up as you go, they never break you can fix them and craft modifiers for tools to make them better
– Server is in offline mode but still has skins which makes it available for cracked mc users and noncracked users
– PVP can be toggled on or off making it a PVE and PVP server
– You can cut whole tree by cutting the bottom of the tree with an axe
– You can buy custom made parcels for ingame money
– You can use /shop and sell things or buy things on it
– You can claim your own land or ask the server admin to do it for you
– Anticheat system
– You can marry anyone on the server by using /marry command
– You can use /warps which enables you to teleport to preset warps