– Survival & Skyblock | 1.15.2 – Survival & Skyblock | 1.15.2

Friendly Minecraft community. Take the edge off of the day and play on a relaxing server. PvP is kept to a minimum. In our survival world, do whatever your heart desires! Build a small castle or go looting in the end! The choice is yours.

Our Skyblock experience is also one to just relax and play. Fall off your island? No worries, your inventory is still going to be there. There are also small shops so you can sell old resources and buy new ones. Get creative!

Build something awesome? Flag down an Admin or Moderator and we’ll reward you!
Our players have build some amazing things in the past and we showcase player builds

Join our Minecraft community. We’re all friends here and we all love a relaxing Minecraft experience.


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