KrillinsMC: A Semi-Vanilla Hardcore SMP Server with Unique Features

KrillinsMC is a newly built server that offers a unique and refreshing semi-vanilla hardcore SMP experience, without imposing too many limitations on productive and fun gameplay. The server is designed to offer a simple, yet refined gameplay experience, with well-thought-out features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Semi-Vanilla vs Vanilla
KrillinsMC offers a semi-vanilla experience, which means that it has some extra features to enhance the gameplay, while still maintaining the vanilla feel. For instance, players can use the /sethome command to set a configurable waypoint, or /spawn to teleport to the spawn point. Chests can also be locked for added security. The server also has seasons, a 12-hour ban when you die, disabled totems, and revive me enabled. PvP is disabled by default, but can be enabled using the /pvp command.

KrillinsMC has intentionally avoided adding certain features that are common in other servers, such as OP powered gear, crates, kits, AuctionHouse plugins, and TPA.

Server Summary
The server offers an expansive world with world borders set at Overworld 60k x 60k, Nether 60k x 60k, and End 60k x 60k. The server difficulty is set to Hard, and it uses the Purper 1.19.4 server jar. The server hardware is top-of-the-line with an INTEL i9-10900K 128MB memory (dedicated) and is located in North America.

Rules and Moderation
KrillinsMC has six general rules that are strictly enforced by the server’s advanced moderation tools. Hacking and toxicity are not tolerated, and loopholes are not honored. Moderation is subject to staff interpretation and discretion.

KrillinsMC has an active Discord server that can be joined using the /discord command in-game or by clicking the link provided on the website at

If you’re looking for a unique semi-vanilla hardcore SMP experience, KrillinsMC is definitely worth checking out. With its well-refined features, advanced moderation tools, and top-of-the-line hardware, you’re sure to have a great time on this server. So why not give it a try and join the KrillinsMC community today?

IP Address: Java –
Bedrock –, port 19132