Just a Good Old Fashioned Minecraft Server

At it’s core, Mwester Studios is a 1.17.1 survival Minecraft server that hopes to bring back some of the same spirit of community that seems to be lacking nowadays. Join other players in a common purpose to play the game the way it was meant to be played (with some minor tweaks of course).

With an easy to understand yet deeply complex economy system in place, players now have goals other than those of the base vanilla game. That is not to say that the vanilla goals no longer exist however, as they are still part of the central purpose behind making this server! Players have the option of becoming merchants, hagglers, or even real estate agents buying and flipping plots!

Speaking of plots, the server hosts a fantastic plot system, in which all players by default are entitled to one free plot! Players can harvest materials in the dangerous and risk-filled survival world and bring them back to build on their own plots without worrying about getting griefed or stolen from.

Built from the ground up with a fun play-experience in mind, Mwester Studios does not have a goal to become one of the most populated servers out there, but rather to provide a safe gaming environment for a group of players to have fun and enjoy the game together. Our staff are extremely kind and dedicated to helping all players with any issues that they might encounter, and the owner Mwester is very active in the server’s online community.

Why not join a community in the goal to beat the game, as well as have a lot of fun doing it? So come on down and experience what it’s like to have genuine fun on a good-old-fashioned Minecraft server with players just like you!

Welcome to the official Mwester Studios Minecraft Server!

Website: mwesterstudios.com/minecraft-server

IP: play.mwesterstudios.com