High Life – Pirates Dream – Survival, Roles, Cool features, REALISTIC TERRAIN

Version:      1.16.4
Address:     play.highlifemc.online
Timezone:   GMT – France

You like survival? Of course, you do! what about, dope looking terrain wherever you go, and chill community? Well then don’t bother looking elsewhere, just jump right in!

But, don’t expect it to be the next huge survival

We dislike people just joining and leaving the next 30 seconds.

MAKE your MIND UP! if you don’t want to play in the first place, then don’t join at all!


High Life is not an ordinary survival server, but let’s just say… a more realistic one. Single Handedly created by the one and only Bambizo. HL offers you the most interesting survival experience, introducing a realistic looking terrain created using a mod. Forge is only used to create the admirable, beautiful world, that adds a slightly more realistic touch to everything; other than that, nothing else is modded without a doubt.

What do we offer?

✘ Realistic terrain

✘ Grief proof server

✘ Allowed swearing

✘ Chill community

✘ Chill staff

✘ Unique crates

✘ Mob head drops

✘ Voting

✘ No p2w

✘ Weekly events (yes, every weekend!)

✘ Player driven economy

✘ No /balance, no digital money, everything is items

✘ Strict rules on hackers/cheaters

✘ Warning before banning

✘ 99% uptime

✘ 15 – 20 TPS on average

✘ Fast staff response

✘ Friendly and compact discord server

✘ Random teleport

✘ Did i forgot to mention anything else?


Don’t be entitled

If something happens to you in-game that is fair or non punishable cause,  don’t cry about it, just deal with it.


No exploits

Finding some sort of “loophole”, or simply exploiting the system is punishable. Report instead.


No cheating

No hacking, no X-ray, no nothing, if you do: banned



The server has a strict policy about using an x-ray. You could be easily caught using such cheat, because our staff team is very precise when it comes to inspecting your movements while mining. If caught, you will be jailed for 30 minutes, and if you still use the cheat after the first warning, you’ll be permanently banned.



While using an automatic clicking software on your benefit of getting recourses from mobs or crops is not allowed, you cant

do it excessively.

> It means you cant be afk farming the majority of the gameplay.

> And also, if it causes entity cramming, or any sort of server lag,

> you’ll be kicked  from the server, if not jailed.

Recently majority of the player voted against the auto clicking exploit, so if caught, you will be jailed, its not a bannable cause.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –




The older the better. We don’t care about your age


Be chill

No need to start unnecessary arguments or just mess up the vibe just to look for a fight.



Anything sexual, racist, or gore related will not be tolerated in this server.


No promoting

Advertising any other discord server, scams, Links to piracy, or self promotional medias isn’t allowed.

Ask for owners permission to do so.


No spamming

Sending excessive letters, emojis or pictures, mentioning majority of members, sending links privately, or excessive shitposting will NOT be tolerated.


Our server trailer https://youtu.be/VFYQwmsjRoU

Our event teaser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDu2sqdUhBc&t=1s&ab_channel=Bambizo

Our discord https://discord.gg/YQydRwbNuh