Is it Possible to Make Money from a Minecraft Server?

If the staff are in it for the money and fame, I’m sorry to say but the staff and server won’t go far. You have to take money off your mind and create something which people would enjoy, stay and have a blast experiencing. I think a space themed server is a really cool idea to create such an effect. Also, I believe what makes a good minecraft server is the playerbase. A non-toxic community that cares for the server and staff is essential to growing larger and expansion. But to build that non-toxic community, you need strong foundations, which are staff. I believe I can be a strong foundation and support this server to grow a lovely community. I also have quite an unpopular opinion to what makes a good minecraft server but I believe, from experience, that a player should always have a task to do in a server. Because if they have no task to complete boredom sets in and they start searching for a new server to play. So creating a server with lots of thought is essential to engage and hook your audience. Additionally, giveaways are almost essential to minecraft servers these days due to the fact that it makes players that haven’t spent or can’t spend a penny on the server to feel special and still feel involved. Because imagine hosting giveaways for players who have contributed donations to the server; most players would think its unfair and unjust.

A good Minecraft server will be a server that is unique and enjoyable. One of the best Minecraft server is Hypixel and that is because it is unique.I would say management is also very crucial because without management we won’t have goals and the team wont be as efficient.The server should be well built, when I say that I mean to say that plugins and the builds should be set properly. The players should be free and the staff shouldn’t be bothering you too much. If I’m walking I wouldn’t want staff to ask me 10 questions.We should have quests or tasks which make the server interesting. Custom tasks make the server unique from others.The server should be strict against rule-breakers for sure. Choosing the correct server version is crucial as many people prefer older versions so the version should be set according to the most enjoyable. Beyond simply managing a servers processes it can sometimes be necessary to moderate your community. This can be as simple as adding anti spam and anti cursing plugins to prevent inappropriate behavior. Advertising is important and that should not happen at common groups. It should be advertised on places where not exceed to get their attention. I suggest advertising at


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