Introducing the Ultimate Minecraft Modpack: Metal Smurf’s Vanilla+ Adventure!

Are you ready to take your Minecraft experience to the next level? Look no further than Metal Smurf’s Vanilla+ Adventure, a thrilling Minecraft modpack designed for players who crave an abundance of new content while preserving the essence of the Vanilla game. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or eager to team up with friends to build monumental structures, this modpack has it all!

Claim and Protect Your Territory

One of the key features of Metal Smurf’s Vanilla+ Adventure is the ability to claim chunks, ensuring your hard work stays safe from griefers. Invite your friends to form teams and collaborate on massive structures and bases, creating epic worlds together. With over 200 carefully selected mods, this modpack offers an immersive experience that includes content, safety features, and optimizations to enhance your gameplay.

Unique Chests and Dungeon Delving

In this modpack, chests are unique to each player, so you can explore dungeons and collect loot, even in uncharted territories. The modpack takes the core Minecraft experience and amplifies it to 11, giving players the chance to become super powerful by grinding out gear with mystical elements (although flight is disabled). Supercharge your adventures with botany pots, allowing you to grow farms indoors in pots. Base ores have dense variants, speeding up your progression to the end game, although be prepared for progressive bosses that will challenge you like never before. Manage your storage, automate crafting, and set up large networks with RFTools family mods. Plus, you can customize your builds by using any material to achieve the color of trim that suits your style.

A World of New Content

Prepare to be dazzled by a multitude of new dimensions, gear, loot, and crafting tools. Explore entirely new biomes, including Biome’s O’ Plenty, Regions Unexplored, and more, which come with a plethora of new blocks and variants to ignite your creativity. Discover a treasure trove of furniture options to decorate your creations, and brace yourself for redesigned and new dungeons, especially in the Nether.

To embark on this incredible adventure, make sure to download the modpack and join Metal Smurf’s server at For ongoing discussions, support, and to connect with fellow adventurers, join the Discord community at

Metal Smurf, the creator of this extraordinary modpack, also invites you to visit his Twitch channel at With aspirations to become a full-time streamer by the end of September, Metal Smurf is committed to delivering exciting content and ensuring everything is just right before launching his streaming journey.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your Minecraft experience to new heights. Download the modpack, join the server, and embark on an epic adventure like never before. Get ready to discover, build, and conquer in Metal Smurf’s Vanilla+ Adventure!