Interesting Gift Ideas for an Minecraft Server Player

I do not shop often and do not have a lot of IRL friends but I’ll try to find gifts.

Under $50:Minecraft dungeons. I feel like the player base for this server would really enjoy a RPG Minecraft.
Another option would be a Minecraft accessoires, such as a potion light:

$50-$100: Any rank on any server the player wants (most ranks are $100 tops), tickets to Minecraft events, Minecraft accessories bundle

Over $100: MineCon cape or OG account. MineCon capes are a great way to stand out and will only gain value over time. As for the OG account, everyone wants a cool name. If possible, try to buy a name that’s personal to the person. I’ve always wanted my IRL name as my Minecraft account (Lysander).


When we think of traditional giveaways for minecraft we tend to think of either ingame items or discord nitros. These are 2 of the most common giveaway items and they can sometimes be annoying if you do not need either of them. Those rewards could work however you could also give out irl things that the player might need. For example what if they need a new headset for about $50 logitech has a headset that sounds like the perfect match for this scenario:

Maybe they need a new mouse and again logitech has a good mouse that goes for about $30:

Sometimes the budget can be over $50 but under $100.

Maybe the minecraft player needs a new set of ram sticks to upgrade his/her pc or laptop. Again amazon has amazing ram sticks that have great reviews as well. One example of these ram sticks could be something like this:
Having something other than only pc parts and accessories is also good incase someone already has a really nice setup. Sometimes people would not mind getting a reward to help decorate their room, maybe something along the lines of a jellyfish lamp that also can be used as a speaker when they are watching something on their phone or pc:

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