IndustryMC: A Brand New 1.19 Minecraft Network

IndustryMC: Brand New 1.19 Minecraft Network

Minecraft just released The Wild Update also known as 1.19 to the Minecraft community. Not many Public Servers have released with the new update, however the brand-new server network IndustryMC has just opened its realms to the public. Industry offers a variety of servers of its centralized bungee system in many forms and does not plan to quit any time soon, the team and staff behind IndustryMC have big plans, although for now as they begin their adventure, they offer two exciting ways to play!


First, IndustryMC offers an enhanced survival server, bringing the fun of vanilla survival and mixing it with the excitement of non-vanilla features. For example, Industry has a balanced economy featuring jobs and shops, making for an added experience to the standard survival grind. The survival server also features claimable lands, player shops, player warps, and will be rolling out custom quests and in-game ranks shortly! 


Second, IndustryMC offers an amazing creative server which allows players to claim plots and build to a players hearts content. All players can begin with at least one sizable creative plot, and more are attainable through gameplay on the other servers on the network. Players can trust other players to their plots and collaborate on builds! Given opportunities players can share their works through community events and walkthroughs. 


IndustryMC plans to develop this server for the players not for the pockets, which is the reason that nothing on the online store will ever give an in-game advantage of any sort and imbalance the overall gameplay between members. IndustryMC believes that everything should be attainable through working in the game, offering many upgradeable features between the current two survival and creative servers, which will persist into the many future servers to come. IndustryMC appreciates all donations and purchases on the store as all funding is funneled back into Industry’s development for the future. 


IndustryMC is not an affiliate of Mojang or Minecraft.

Any players wanting to join can find further information through the links below.


Discord Link:

Website Link: