Incipient – A No Grief Enhanced Survival Server

Incipient is a no grief enhanced survival server aimed at players who enjoy the grind and building. We are a PVE server primarily, but PVP is enabled in arenas and designated zones. Our ranking system is McMMO-based, you’ll rank up after reaching power level goals. This way you can achieve the ranks by playing in any skill you like that suits your style! Every rank comes with extra perks, commands and custom features- like flight and more homesets or creative world access. 

Our map is custom generated with Epicworldgen, including 30 custom biomes to build in. There is a separate Resource world for gathering materials to keep the custom map looking good. 

The death system is also custom, using a mob drop called a Memory, crafted from fragments, to return to your death location. Our item insurance system allows you to keep your valuable items on death, provided you’ve saved up the coin. We’ve added quite a bit of content like this and actively are working to add more to keep Incipient interesting and unique.

The server’s goal is to cultivate a community where people can enjoy playing a game they love together. With player-driven economy, competitions and the like, we hope to make this a fun experience for everyone who joins. We look forward to seeing you!

-The Incipient Team

Also there are no phantoms.



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