IceCraftNation – Survival, Creative, and other Custom Gamemodes

Welcome to IceCraftNation! We offer Survival, Skyblock, Creative, and a custom gamemode Adventure, with new gamemodes coming soon!
ICN is a community-led server with active staff contactable 24/7. Play however you want! Become the richest player, build the most elaborate towns, or live with others!
Survival | Creative | Skyblock | Adventure Mode
ICN has Jobs, Custom Collectable Trading Cards, McMMo, and so much more!
Do /warp or /wild when you get in game to explore the wilderness and find a place to call your own! Or join other players in their own towns!
– Anti-Grief Survival
– FREE Ranks Available
– GLOBAL CHAT: Talk to your friends as you explore separate servers!
– Adventure Mode: Truly Hardcore Survival. Get diseases, do quests and be careful stepping out of your claim…
– Staff available 24/7
– Friendly Community!
– Weekly events hosted!
– Staff Cards! A unique and collectible card game on Survival! Win free prizes!
– New and exciting plugins added frequently!
Join us now! IP: