HybridSquad – A Minecraft Server that Lives On

What is our goal?
◙ Our mission is to create a Minecraft server just like they were hosted back in the early days of Minecraft. I want to do somewhat of a recreation of a server I used to play with my old best friend. Not exactly a block-by-block recreation but a recreation in style. That server being called DARCECRAFT. I just recall so many great memories from that server in particular.

◙ Servers now put a bad taste in my mouth. They all beg players for ranks and spit in the players face if they decide not to purchase ranks. In certain situations its the only way to progress or have any fun. I want this trend to die off. Although I know it won’t. That’s why I am here. To hopefully make a change in some way. Well at least for my server. If a server in the past could make myself have great memories, I hope to recreate some of that magic for someone else.