HqvoxMC – A Growing Community with a Huge Variety of Gamemodes

HqvoxMC is a tight-knit, mature, small, but growing, community of Townyfolk looking for something Minecraft, but twisted!

We offer a huge variety of endlessly replayable and exciting opportunities to try something new: You’ve got:

Join us and stick around as we continue developing to get into trouble with a band of pirates, get dirty on the XP
grind to unlock incredible technology with Slimefun, and visit the Townspeople of Spawn to work hard (or hardly work)
for interesting new items found exclusively as rewards in Quests!

Bring your friends and create unique towns from the ground up with our primary grief prevention method, Towny and take your sprawling urban scenes to the brink of all out war with nations. Band together and form a nation to dominate
our enormous Large Biomes world!

IP: towny.hqvoxmc.net

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