How to Promote Your Minecraft Server on Forums

Advertising server is very important, and forums is only one of the methods you could use. Make sure to add the server on as well for extra exposure.

How to Make a Post in Forums

Make a post in forums or on a page with your server’s URL. You should know what it is for your own server, but if you are not sure post a link in the comments. Try to provide a helpful post, don’t spam because when people become annoyed with a useless post, they could potentially click on your link in the signature. The more backlinks you have the better. If you post in forums, try to keep your postings on topic when possible. Try to look for forums with a higher page rank than yours if you are unsure if you are able to get some traffic to it.

Join a Mummy Network, a Mummy Network isn’t one big site and therefore is not too popular with the major search engines, therefore it’s an ideal place for people to advertise their server.

Creating a Youtube Account

Create a YouTube account, create a page for your server and post videos about your server and what it has to offer. Send out links to your videos and any things you may have going on in your server. You may choose to advertise your server either by the purchase of ads or by the use of a Mummy Network. Another important consideration in a YouTube PPC Campaign is keywords. If you use a Mummy Network, choose the best keyword or phrase as your title for your video and make sure that the title is relevant and specific to what your server is about. The title of the video is the first thing the searcher will see. Search Engines do look at title tags and have a lot of weight on backlinks, so make sure these keywords are in your title so that it is the first thing search engines see. Another thing I’d like to mention is the area in your YouTube where you can add links. The best place is surely your description box and within your description you have the option of putting in a link that will be added to the video.

Another thing to consider is to create a backlink on a different site than your Mummy Network. Be sure that the site has a relevance to your server and has some information about it. If the site is about LAN pollution, be sure not to advertise servers, for instance. Be certain to check the site first and be sure to add a relevant place for this type of advertising and again, be sure to check with them first. Most sites are okay about putting you in the wrong place and there are some instead will ban you after you have created it.

Keep on Advertising!

Keep advertising by visiting the pages of other Mummy networks and leaving backlinks that way. Add your server to the “Best of the Web” or “Top Web” for listing in Google Maps. Search engines love to get listed in the Maps page, so if you get yourself listed in one, you will see much more traffic that way.

Upload your server to The Mine Exchange and this is a great place to do so.

Try to join Mummy Networks and another name to be said, Opt in to forums and participate, ask questions, leave comments, etc, etc…