How to Monetize your Minecraft Server Effectively

Monetizing a Minecraft Server begins with a good server in the first place.

As I see it, a good minecraft server is one who can completely immerse you in the game, such a pleasant experience that the problems of the world seem like they do not exist, a getaway, your happy place. Of course a server with lots of lag will definitely not be a pleasant experience and can possibly make players quit playing in that server, making sure the server is “clean” from hackers or rude players will also contribute to a better server since it’s more enjoyable to play with friendly players who aren’t being aggressive in the chat or spamming all the time. The below traits will come in useful as well.

– All round good vibes within a community

– Trustworthy admins / moderators

– Dedication towards to the server ( e.g members being active whenever they can )

– Appealing aspects to the the server such as events, projects etc.

Hiring the Right Staffs

I believe a good minecraft server staff should be responsible, mature, and active. Firstly, each individual staff should complete their assigned roles with their best effort, and should try to do their tasks with great enthusiasm. Secondly, each staff should be mature, they should be able to deal with any situation calmly, and will do their best to help with any problematic situation. When anyone seeks help from a staff, they should never respond unprofessionally. The staff should also be active, personally I believe being active is a simple way of supporting the server.

However, being Staff doesn’t mean you should be completely serious. Staff teams shouldnt be boring and tense, the staff team should have a pleasant community where they feel comfortable to talk about the server and critique it. It should be okay for the staff to fool around once a while to lighten the mood and make the workplace fun.

*Some extra stuff based on personal experience: As a guild owner on hypixel, my staff team and I strive to create a fun community by getting close with all the guild members and doing our best to talk to each of the guild members.

Traits of the Staffs

They have to possess Honesty, Ambition and a Strong Work Ethic. Hardworking, honest staff member with ambition can keep your server’s morale high. Staff member’s possessing these traits are probably the best member’s you can find, can be trusted with increased autonomy and are the ones you want to stick around. And the teams communication is one of the most important elements, I mean if someone is hacking and two staff is planning on banning him but they are planning on different time of the punishment. That the team is active and helpful or the players who needs help, and that the staff are competent to fix that problem or issue the player needs help with.

A good Minecraft server staff should be having fun but at the same time be able to help run and manage the server. ALL Minecraft staff should be close like family so that they can get to know each other in order to work with one another. Minecraft staff should have one goal, and one goal only which is to help the server grow.

Importance of Advertising

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