How to Manage a Minecraft Server Community

In my opinion, a “perfect” Minecraft server community is not just a server where you can have fun. In addition to providing a unique gamemode or feature which cannot be found on any other server, a good Minecraft server is one which is well-built, with plugins that have been properly tested and verified to be free of any bugs and glitches which may ruin a player’s experience. They have also been properly configured to match and meet the server’s needs. As well as, staff members who hold a great reputation amongst players and are familiar with the server and its rules and can use their staff powers accordingly to place appropriate punishments for player’s who violate these rules. Furthermore, staff members who understand that they are players and their rank is a privilege given to them which should not be abused or used to their advantage. Further, a good server keeps up with and makes sure that exploits, glitches, dupes, etc which are found within Minecraft are properly reported, tracked, investigated and fixed as they give players an unfair advantage and ruin the experience for other players. Finally, players should feel comfortable on the server, without staff constantly pestering and monitoring them. Its rules should also have strict punishments for players who break them whilst not limiting players’ experience.

Player’s Perspectives:

I will answer this based on a player’s perspective, and that player is me. As a player, I would expect from a minecraft server that they are: Having minimal downtime; Having minimal lag; A descent popularity; Active staff and moderators; A variety of gamemodes; To add to that an active community; Good builds; Good amount of features; Things to try out as you get more experienced with the server; Good anticheat; Good support; Not pay to win; Lowest latencies; Good server performance / No lag. As well, I don’t know if it’s me or everyone but every server has a different vibe to it, I’m not sure what changes or modifies a server’s vibe but the one that looks the best and I suppose feels right is the one I usually stay in and come back again. Also, custom made things make the server appear more professional and serious from the people who made it and can give assurance that this server is legit and made with love, regular updates are also highly preferred and good thing to do. That is what I define a “good” minecraft server from a player’s perspective and that player is me.

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