How to Harvest Honey in Minecraft Easily

To get honey in minecraft, you have to begin by finding a bee’s nest. You can find these on oak and birch trees. To be statistical, there is a 5% chance that an oak or birch tree will generate with a bee’s nest. The bee nest has to be home to at least one bee. The bee will go out to the flowers and collect pollen. It will then return to the nest and create honey. You will know the nest is full of honey when you see the holes on the sides change color to yellow. The next step is to collect the honey. There are two ways, honey bottles, or honey comb. Honey bottles are used to restore hunger, or to craft honey blocks, which are similar to slime blocks. Honey comb is used to make beehives, to house more bees, or to make honeycomb blocks, for decoration. Place a campfire beneath the bee nest. This is not necessary, but it stops the bees from becoming hostile towards you. Next, use an empty glass bottle on the nest to get a honey bottle, or use shears to get honey comb.

Find a bee nest, wait for the bees to work, etc etc, grab a pair of shears, shear it. That yields three honey combs. Conversely, you can use a glass bottle to collect a bottle of honey. Honey combs can be used to make bee hives, and honeycomb blocks. You can craft honey blocks by using 4 bottles of honey. You can use a silk-touch pickaxe to transport beehives from one location to another without angering the bees around you. Planting flowers around the beehive can make it easier for bees to pollinate, which can make the process speed up, as travel time is decreased.


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