How to Grow your Minecraft Sever to 50 players or more

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Advertising is important to a Server especially when you want to build a nice community helping advertise brings more players, more players equals more profit, more profit equals keeping the server up long enough for players to stick around. A minecraft server gets noticed by other big youtubers and other well known players which brings more people to the community. When the server gets more players the reputation starts rising as it is one of the important thing to be known for (a non toxic Community).

I guess the same could be asked about any product anywhere – why advertise?

Avoiding the answer “Why not”, I believe that if a product is made for a certain group of people, that certain group of people should be targeted and avoid marginalization at all costs.

The importance of advertising a Minecraft server, however, would be to increase player-base as the bare essential, but also showcase how passionate the staff-team is to include as many players in the unique experience of MCOasis; whereas the server advertisements could also be used as a way of showcasing basic server information that would be otherwise unknown to players that happened to stumble on the server across an old recruitment forum.

A server advertisement should be commenced effectively whilst remaining independent, advertisements are not made to beg players to visit and enjoy the experience, but to provide snippets of insight into what a player may be able to experience if they so decide to; ultimately, advertisement is required for a steady server growth until it can grow organically via references etc.

Advertisements is the most important way a server can run. Good advertisement draws people into joining the server while bad advertisement alienates people who could otherwise be very interested. It is also important WHERE you advertise you want to find a platform where people you know are interested will be enticed into joining the server like for example forum pages and a bad example being on a community discord server.Use a custom domain / subdomain as your server address to make it easier to remember and share. I also see your concept as a good things as it is not like other servers so this is extremely marketable and good for advertising.

It means the server will be able to reach out to new players and expand meaning that there can be possibly more income to the server and give it a good atmosphere in general. The more advertising done, the better the server will be seen online as well.

It also shows off the server in a way that attracts players in the desired market segment. It makes the players want to visit and see what the server has to offer. Advertising also creates an easy way to get your server public, and encourages people to share .

Another thing that makes advertisements attract players is that most server lists allow creativity involved in the brand, such as banners, website links, social media links etc. This can make a server really stand out if you have good graphics. Advertising on social media also attracts players to join in with the community through hashtags, etc.

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