How to Become a Minecraft Server Moderator

A good server moderator must be fun, but respectful. They are allowed to show their own personality, but also uphold the rules when necessary. A good staff member must always look appealing to new players. This means toxic behavior of any kind isn’t acceptable. This means constantly checking and updating forums ( If there is one ). This means being active and involved in what’s going on. One cannot simply become staff to mess around and cause chaos. Being a moderator is a privilege, and must always be treated as such.

One must be willing to help anyone who truly needs it. Despite a language barrier, trouble with connection or anything that may seem difficult. Although uncommon , a good staff member will report anything unjust or simply broken to any higher up. Whilst I understand that it’s not common for something like this to happen, it’s also not impossible. A good staff must be held to standard, those which are set in the rules, as well as set by the owner himself. The time and effort reflects a staff member. If they’re not able to provide for the server in any beneficial way, they should in no way be allowed to remain as staff.

Basic Characteristics

The server moderator should be polite and mature. No matter what he should not get easily distracted and definitely not lose his composure. The main reason a staff exists is to help players, make sure they have a great time on the server and are not facing any problems. Staff should be dedicated to their job and no try to avoid someone’s question or bad comment. Moreover, should be open-minded and be able to learn, to gain more experience, nobody is a perfect staff member and you could always learn more. Last but not least, he should really love his job and not get bored with it cause this way he will transfer this feeling to players thus making them uncomfortable and unhappy.


There is a lot of factors that weigh into becoming a talented Minecraft server moderator: 

Firstly, there is the overall general skill set that has to be there, the ability to monitor chat, ban players, know what needs doing and when.

Then there is a whole other side of staffing, the side of being apart of a team and communicating with a team to reach the best outcome of a project.

A good Minecraft Staff members in my opinion must have the following attributes:

A strong Communication skills – to be able to communicate well with the team and the playerbase, a good general

Knowledge base – they have to know what needs to and can be done when

Time management and organisation are also very important factors, to make sure deadlines are kept and that everything that needs doing is done correctly and promptly.

Attitude – In my opinion attitude is one of the most important things. This is what players will experience and will remember about an employee. This does not mean experience, maturity and handling tasks well isn’t important, but I feel like these are more common than a great attitude.

Other skills – Staff management, Community management, Advertising management, Discord management, Media management, Buycraft setups, Server configuration, Document writing

Application Examples and Excerpts

I’m skilled in the plugin configuration, discord setups, & buycraft setups/support. I possess the qualities of patience, maturity, professionalism, and am an extremely dedicated/passionate person. I have experience in server moderation, management, administration, advertisement, and even own businesses. I am extremely flexible and can take on almost any position. I’m as well very adaptive, I may not know everything, however, I’m willing to put up a shot and learn a thing or to no matter, the complexity, always down for a challenge. I am more experienced than the average staff member, and you can have high expectations of me and I’ll always do my best in anything, but especially to meet expectations. I am very knowledgeable of Minecraft Servers rather than just staff knowledge, so I’m pretty much able to have a conversation about anything related to the game, or the business itself. Generally, I’m able to work with teams very well, and get along with people and have good chats with people which makes me likable. In many case scenarios, I possess far more experience than the average applicant and go out of my way to provide quality support & be a great staff member to all. I’m not a robot, so I also know how to have fun and interact with a community well, and be a fun person they can talk to. I’m very skillful & crafty, so I deal with odd/tough situations with ease, and always use my brains/logic over emotion. I interact with staff members in a fun & professional way in which I can become friends with all.


I make a good server staff member because I have staffing experience in every way. I have owned my own network with 100+ people a day, I have built for many servers and friends, I have managed now three servers that up and running with 40+ people a day, and I have been a helper on a server so I know how to deal with large crowds. I can teach staff different ways of handling problems in a server such as DDos Threats, Cheating/Hacking, Staff disrespect, ETC. I love working with other people and am a person who is open to others ideas. I can make the server a friendly environment and make it so people LOVE the server. I will deal with most of the server disputes by myself and won’t need to bother any of the owners unless needed. If needed I can watch the server for an extended period of time. (If the owner is sick I can extend my hours) I will take great care of the server and cherish every moment that I have on the server making it as great as I can and hopefully pass down some great lessons to the players and staff of the server.


I have had previous experience as a builder on many servers both by hand and with world edit. I understand the pain and struggle of making a successful server. I am also kind and dedicated when focus on a take or project and can wisely manage my time to make sure the server is operating like it should be. I can put the time in that is required to make sure that all duties would be met and any work that is set is completed by dead lines to make sure the server can be up and running when it needs to be. I also like I said, have experience building on servers, so i know the importance of an active member of staff and know if one person fails, the whole server suffers.

Bad Example

I Would Like To Be Staff Because Ive Never Been staff before.i Would Like To Apply For Staff Because I Want You To See My Potential that i can be a good staff. If Someone Was Hacking I Know How To Deal With The Situation. If The Person is Saying He Doesn’t Hack I Would Ask Him For A ScreenShot Of His Minecraft Versions Folder Or Ask Him To Add Me On Discord so i can get a look of his folder ( Without him closing his Minecraft so he cant quickly remove his hacks ) . if someone was spamming in chat i would warn then if they persist on spamming i would kick them if they joined back and kept on spamming i would temp ban them for 10 minutes . if someone was being mean and abusing to someone it would be a straight mute or a temp ban , if someone was Advertising their server or any small businesses it would be a straight ban.

The above example is bad due to bad formatting, and improper case usage.

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