How to Become a Minecraft Server Moderator or Staff

A good Minecraft Server Staff is loyal, trustworthy, they are obedient. Yet at the same time they are people you get along with and enjoy time spent with them. This is a good trait because a team of people works when everyone likes each other. Notice the use of the word “works”; in my opinion they “work best” when they enjoy their company, when they are someone that makes the other staff enjoy time together meaning they are content putting more time in since it can be something they enjoy. Then there is the aspect of the players and curating a staff team that is well enjoyed by who they are serving, the players.

As a staff member strong communication skills are key in the community making a fun experience for the players making the staff team seem less like a group of people that control them and more like a group people there to help them out with any problems they come upon and keep overall order in the server. Professionalism and maturity are a huge part of a staff team to me, meaning formal writing styles to show effort being put into their words. They must also know how to use the powers given to them over stepping is a great way to show immaturity and to me the easiest way to be involuntarily removed from a staff team.

Additionally, a staff team must have a sense of order allowing owners to deal with the most important issues, since there are less of them, and the less important an issue the lesser the power needed to solve it. This is why the basic staff system used in some way on all servers works. The big issues require more power to solve and are not as common as lesser issues allowing a mod team to be huge since they fix smaller more common things. The more “flexible” this chain of command becomes the more you see smaller groups with more power dealing with issues that are not worth their time.

A team or staff member should have these attributes:

Productive: Does work well when needed
Efficient: Doesn’t waste time and gets work done fast
Effective: Work is done correctly
Time Management: Should be able to sort of tasks and complete them in the necessary timeframe to insure no “bumps” in progress.
Planning: Plans should be made so everything is organized it going smoothly
Communication: Consistent and clear communication is a must to get everything done smoothly and coordinate changes.
Community Interaction: Talking, playing, etc with the community is required they are the players of your server.

Meetings should take place at least, weekly to ensure work is being done smoothly, coordinating about new work/assigning tasks/progress, etc. A leader is a must as well. They will be coordinating, making decisions, etc from different levels.

Different teams or branches can also be effective as different team members are allocated to different tasks.

Team examples:
Appeals Team: Work on ban appeals, mute appeals, reasons, etc
Event Team: Organize and work on creating events
Marketing Team: Focus on the branding and the publicity of the server

Main Teams:
Build Team: Build for the server
Development Team: Develop or config for the server
Management: Manage staff, community, etc.

Essential Skills:
Staff management
Community management
Advertising management
Discord management
Media management
Buycraft setups
Server configuration
Document writing

To sum it up:

A good server staff is comprised of people who are not only qualified technically to build, develop, and administrate the server, but also concerned with the quality of the community that is being fostered. If building and running the server is merely a matter of money or notoriety, then the server will inevitably suffer and provide a subpar user experience. A truly good server staff will be built around the principle of absolute prioritization of the user experience and fostering a high quality playing environment for all the users. To that end, good server staff should exemplify a set of characteristics. They should be professional, mature, in possession of good people skills. They should also have a solid work ethic, and work well in a team. When a team of skilled, high caliber individuals such as ones with the above mentioned qualities is assembled, then a server and community arise that are guaranteed to have good gameplay and leave all users with a positive experience. There should also be team cohesion among the staff members. Not only should they be primarily user-focused, they should congeal as a group well and be able to efficiently work together and collaborate on projects.

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