How to Advertise your Minecraft Server Efficiently and Effectively

Advertising is important to a server’s success, because after 11 years of Minecraft, there have been an understandable number of servers that have risen, thrived, and fallen over the game’s relatively long history. Countless tens of thousands of servers have likely existed, had thriving communities, and are now lost to the past. Advertising, and encouraging the playerbase to vote for the server, ensures that the server will continue to attract new users. If the server is of high quality, then ultimately these new players are benefited by the advertisement because they have found a new game that they derive great enjoyment from.

Therefore, advertising is the key to a minecraft server. I would know this from my years of experience as an owner and a manager of several servers in my time. Without advertising a server may shut down very fast and will not pick up from anywhere. With advertising you can reach more potential players to get a bigger playerbase. You can advertise your server via which offers a ton of different advertising packages. A minecraft server is always about the community. You want to build a big and fun community.

There are so many beneficial aspects that can happen due to advertising. What advertising brings to a minecraft server is the popularity. Advertising will bring players together from numerous different servers which will all come up to one whole big positive community. The more the players, the bigger the server and community will grow. This will cause recognition of the server and sooner or later, youtubers and social media stars will be playing this server before you know it. Youtubers will start to advertise the server which will cause a major growth in the community. Not only will the server grow in players, but will also become more and more enjoyable to play due to the amount of players that are on the server. As such, there are numerous reasons on why advertising a minecraft server is beneficial to the server.

The reasoning behind this is simple, in order to gain popularity, get people to notice you, or even having a chance of becoming one of the most successful Servers around, you must learn to advertise. A business doesn’t become successful just by being created, and the people don’t just spend their hard earned money in your business magically out of thin air, in order to have a fully operational Server, with Funds coming in to constantly support and pay for Hosting, Staff, Legal Documentation, etc, you must know how to Advertise your Server properly.

Scenario where no one knows about your server:

If no one knows about your server how are they supposed to come join it if they don’t even know it exists; no matter how good of a server you can make if you don’t tell people about how great it is and how they can see it for themselves you will never get any player base. It would be like your neighbor having the nicest house in the whole world and selling it for $1,000, but not telling anyone. How would anyone be able to buy a house if they don’t know it’s for sale? Well you simply can’t it’s just not how life works. Even if they tell you, you can spread the word to your friends or simply buy it for yourself at the $1,000. If you just bought the house yourself it would be equivalent to a player joining your server without telling anyone else. On the other hand the person selling their house hopes that you tell more people causing more people to become interested in it just how a server grows from more exposure and more people knowing that it exists. From there you just have to keep making it better and it will keep growing. That is why advertising a server is the only way you will ever see more than one person online.

Business and Minecraft Server

When making a Minecraft Server generally you’re making a business. Business advertising is important in many ways because the big companies in the world had to get their name out there somehow whether it be spread of word, television advertisements, or even good products, that’s all a form of advertising. Advertising regardless of how you do it is how you get your business out there, and how you get it popular & known. The biggest servers spend thousands of dollars or have brilliant minds creating plans to get their names out there, so generally when advertising you want a great plan to get people to check out your product, without advertising, not many companies would get anywhere, and in fact, many things would die due to no motivation to continue without seeing progression. I won’t stretch it on, but advertising is how businesses grow.

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Commentary on the importance of advertising:

It took me way too long to realise advertising is everything. At first I was too scared to invest into advertising on MINEBROWSE. Once I did, my server blew up. Many new players logged in and many of them stayed. This made me proud of my server: I created something people enjoyed. The advertisements didn’t only bring new players, they also brought me joy: People actually took the time to play my server and I had content on my server. Proud. I learned that advertising is one of the keys to success: but you should never advertise something you can’t offer. In order to make advertisements work you should already have a great server: to get a great server you should put your heart in it.


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