How do you Advertise a Minecraft Server Easily and Get New Players?

In order to effectively advertise, I highly recommend:

I was able to get 30+ players in a day using that site.

Advertising is necessary for a server as it opens an effective means of getting players to the server. The two main factors in having a playerbase is the advertising and content. Without good advertising in current times it is nearly impossible to build a prospering expanding community at a good rate.

In basic terms, it gets the word out. Advertising is how you get people to find out about your server. Without it, getting people to join would be extremely difficult. People don’t want to have to search super hard to find a good server, they kind of want it to be given to them in a sense. By using correct advertising you can entice people to join and play the server. You have to put players in and create an environment where players can play with people all the time. I think advertising is a very important part of that.

Advertising is the only medium you can control

Advertising allows you to target ideal players only

Advertising creates awareness for your content

Advertising adds credibility to your message

Advertising amplifies everything else you’re doing

Advertising is Advertising

You need to advertise a MC server to create and nurture a community. If we don’t advertise, our server may never get out there.

The Best Method: Hiring Minebrowse

In order to effectively advertise, I highly recommend:

Minebrowse offers comprehensive advertising and marketing packages to increase your server’s exposure. As a minecraft server owner, I have gotten a huge boost in my playercount thanks to their services. Simply sign up and visit the “Get Sponsored” section.

Word of Mouth

Advertising has a very vague definition, but at its base level, there is no way to get a server off of its feet without advertising. It is impossible to establish a profitable network without advertising.
Word-of-mouth has remained one of the most reliable sources of advertising, although it takes a great deal of reputation to have person-to-person be effective at all.

When advertising, one must make sure that their methods can be sustained for a long period of time. Hiring a YouTuber for one stream or one video on release is just as bad as not hiring them at all. Establishing connections and relationships with both your partners and your community is the best way to advertise your server. That is why Minebrowse is so effective. It is sustainable over a long periods of time.

Important Notes

Advertising a server will help the server gain a bigger foundation and will benefit a lot to expanding it. A server’s reputation can boost a lot and the name will be recognisable and can stand out amongst the others. I believe all servers have potential and will grow bigger! If a server is not advertised than the community will shrink and it wouldn’t have a lot of players. That’s why a server should focus on advertising a lot. It could even attract a lot of people who are interested in jobs!

To add on to that, it brings more people to minecraft server. People hear from the minecraft server and they know what it is. Advertising is big part of minecraft server, it costs lot’s of money to do this. But if you advertise it right, and the minecraft server is good, it brings people to the server. And people who play are the most important part of the minecraft server. Minebrowse also helps with search engine rankings, as the server may come up if people search for minecraft servers to play. I think advertising is the most important part of minecraft server, as this brings people and without people the server would not run.

Lack of New Players

No matter how many new players join a server, it is not a guarantee that all of them become long term players. Some individuals might find that it is not what they were looking for, or simply not like the server itself. It is important to have a server shown and advertised to as many people as possible in order to increase the nr. of players that decide to stay and play for the long run. The right exposure also greatly influences the ratio of players that just come online for a short while out of curiosity to the players that remain “loyal”. It is to be noted that most of the donations and help towards a server come from the loyal players, who are interested in its improvement/growth. Therefore the most important advertisement strategy is not necessarily to attract as many players as possible only, but to convince the existing players that the server is worth their time. Minebrowse has the perfect advertising strategy for your server.

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