Guide to Finding and Making a Good Minecraft Server

The first and most important thing in a Minecraft Server is management. If management is poor, getting good and motivated staff will be quite hard. Even if somehow the server got motivated staff, they would soon leave. I’ve already seen that happen many times, experiencing first-hand common management mistakes, that I did as well during my previous times as owner but that I believe I finally solved (my current network is getting quite close to release). Another important thing is a good, dedicated, and mature staff team; I’ve seen servers with very good and active staff members, that were not mature enough and caused big problems. Even dedicated staff members without enough knowledge can cause problems (from false punishments to slow-downs in development). A good management team should be able to find good staff applications and organize the server in such a way that new staff cannot cause too much damage in case they’re not a good staff member. Another very important thing is communication, both within the staff team and with the community. Different staff ranks need to communicate and to cooperate, in order to always be organized, so every staff knows what to do and is informed about anything going on. The community also needs to be engaged and needs to know what’s going on, in order to be interested in upcoming releases or updates


In addition to getting to know my colleagues, and getting fully situated with the role, I’m simply trying to make the community a better place that’s all I want to accomplish, I would like to work alongside the current staff team and create an even better community than is currently, that what I would like to accomplish during my time here as staff if I receive it. But to answer your question “What Makes A Good Minecraft Server” let’s reflect upon a statement earlier in my application I made which reads “Community”, ultimately the community is what makes a good Minecraft server, my reasoning for this is because you can have the greatest Minecraft server on the planet with all the fancy plugins and perfect anti-cheat but if the community is toxic then your server won’t even get recognized for its achievements. Sure all the latter are still very much so relevant and important in making a good server such as good plugins, good staff team, and such, but ultimately though it’s the community which makes a good Minecraft server, you must create a good fun positive atmosphere for the server so the community can receive it positively. That’s what I would like to hear here though, I would like to work alongside my colleagues and help shape a positive fun environment where they’ll love to keep coming back again and again, and I believe due to my traits I’ll be of value you to you I am Knowledgeable: Due to my prolonged exposure to this blocky game I am quite knowledgeable when it comes to this game,I started playing Minecraft back in 2013 through my cousins’ accounts after she had first introduced me to the game, and since I started playing this game I began to study every aspect of it, which makes me well equipped to handle any question players throw at me and deal with any situation I find myself in. In addition to that, I’m also

Dependable: An especially important trait to have in general and as a staff member, I happen to possess this trait. I am an extremely dependable individual and if you need something to get done, I will get it done, with precision and excellence, very few times have I not been able to not perform tasks that people have depended on me to get done.

Hardworking: I love to work, I love putting time and effort into things, I love working hard on a task and seeing the product. When I’m working on something no matter what it may be, I try my hardest.

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