Guide to Becoming a Minecraft Server Admin

A good minecraft server admin is someone who treats every player the same no matter what situation. They will be able to handle situations extremely well and give the right punishment to those who deserve it. They also need to be friendly to players meaning that they can bring those players back to the server again and again, thus helping the server reach out to more players and expand. If they aren’t friendly. They can possibly harm the server’s reputation, thus making less players want to play on it which means that the server will possibly make less income and overall harm the server. Coming back to dealing with situations, a server admin should be able to dish out punishments accordingly to what is deemed suitable at the time. For example, if someone is spamming chat, they will mute them rather than ban them straight away.

Bad Traits

There are more answers to “What makes a bad server staff member”, such as the usual power-abuse and populace ignorance – however I don’t think it should matter – the general idea would be: “What makes a good person?” and apply it to each and every member, because staff members work for their employers and their clients whilst maintaining a healthy and productive relationship with co-workers and investors (if you decide to take that financial route, I have my questions about the financial stability of the idea).

Qualities that would entice a general player-base populace from a staff-member would include inclusivity, patience, and a passion to really bring an imaginative server idea to life.
The role of System Administrator or Co-Owner really catches my eye as I feel and a great passion to mold and form a co-efficient and co-operative “work” environment (hilarious); I’ve had my fair share of real-life professions, including 5+ years of customer service, and 2+ years of staff management – basically I know what I’m doing!

Good Traits

The server staff would/should not see this recruitment program as an opportunity to steal the reigns of your carriage (basically, not a grab for power, but an opportunity to grow as a workforce, as well as forming healthy and productive relationships within the community; a good server staff member should simply be a sensible and friendly person.

A good staff member is an active staff member. You can’t use people who don’t want to put some effort into the project they’re working on. This is exactly how I’m trying to be. I want to be as active as possible, this is why I’m quite successful. I’ve had 3 servers and I’ve sold them all. By doing this I’ve made a very good profit. A good server staff doesn’t tell players inside information the normal players shouldn’t know. This is one of the mayor tasks of a staff member. In the past I’ve seen several people who did this. I can tell you that I demoted them instantly and told other owners I know about them. And of course that isn’t the first step you take but when it does happen you should take it very serious.

Application Examples

I have experience I have been helping on a lot of servers for four years now primarily i am a builder but i have also owned and moderated servers in the past. I also own my own minecraft server which i have plugins for but that is just for my friends, I am far more experienced in administration than i am in developing but i still believe i could do a good job as i have a lot of technical knowledge and i am also a computer science student so I understand how to input code to things.I feel i could bring a lot to the table with my experience with larger servers i feel i could help this server grow i also keep a level head in situations and i feel i am capable of making the right decision of when to settle a dispute in the server.Im quite a good builder so i could help build a spawn/lobby and also i don’t follow the rules all the time which i see as a strength, while others may see this as a weakness i feel not all situations fit in a rule book so if something were to happen and i had to execute something which could greatly affect the server me not following the rules could help as i feel i can make the right decision.

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