Guide to Advertising a Minecraft Server for Free

Advertising a minecraft server is theoretically essential to grow a server. There are multiple aspects to advertise a minecraft server and each one is important to helping the server stay active while also gaining a higher player base. If we are talking about a free method, then is highly recommended. You can add your server for free on the website, and optionally you may also pay for one of the highly effective advertising packages.

Advertising is essential, for the server to be a reliable source of income or in general just be worth the time it must have a playerbase. The server should not consist of mainly staff members, and it should have a playerbase. Advertising brings players, players bring more players (by recommendation), and players bring income. Income can fund future projects and payment of the staff. Advertising should display the quality of the server, I highly do not recommend advertising with false labels and promises, players should join at their own will, not for a free rank giveaway. Overall, without advertising, the development of the server is essentially for nothing.

Domino Effect

IT is like a domino effect: once one person advertises(multiple people but just for reference)and somebody joins most likely they will advertise to and so on. Advertising is what makes a server professional if you have multiple people promoting your server you know that you did something right to draw people in and then draw more people in. So overall advertising can make a minecraft server really popular in a short amount of time.


One of the most important parts of the growth of the server itself.

The main reason to advertise is to get the name of the server out into the community and to get players interested in what the server had to offer.

Branding, message etc. These are big things that need to be considered during advertisement, what am I trying to display/say to the user when they see this ad? How do I want them to feel? What should their reaction be? These are all good questions to think about when advertising.
Without advertisement it would be very hard to grow the server properly, as no one would get the IP for the server in any way.

Branding is what allows the server to reach out and expand it’s reach to other networks or people. It allows the server to grow as a community and gives people the awareness they need to hop on and have fun. It also helps the players, as the more people decide to play, the more they’ll be able to create new friends and have fun with others. Whilst I understand some people may find advertising annoying, it benefits the server greatly in more ways than one.


It shows that you are dedicated to the server and people would want to join. It is spreading the word to the world of a brand new opportunity for fun and games online. It can change a server in a snap of a finger. Servers need advertising to stay alive. Without it the server would die and people would lose jobs, and money. It is the core of almost any server’s success besides having a server that is already populated and sold to you. Advertising is the backbone of the server and without it the server could not stand.

It is also the main way of generating interest in the server, without advertising the server would never grown and would die before it even left the starting blocks. I have history in sales and know that if people don’t know you exist, you wont be seen. Advertising is the heart of any server.

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