Goat Village, a Brand New Minecraft Server

Goat Village Minecraft Server!

Goat Village is a brand new, 1.8-combat based Java Minecraft Server! The Goat Village Staff Team has been hard at work making a recent gamemode: KitPvP! Currently, they are making Spleef, Ice Boat Racing, Bridge, and much, much more! Goat Village’s competitive gamemodes will soon offer an Elo ranking system, which allows players to climb up and down in the ranks. The Goat Village Minecraft server has consistent updates, as they like suggestions from the awesome community on the Goat Village Minecraft server and Discord (https://discord.gg/RdfxcPjMRY). To join the Goat Village Minecraft server, simply navigate to Multiplayer > Add Server > and enter play.goatvillage.net


Goat Village Server Trailer (HD):



Featured Gamemode: KitPvP

Goat Village has a very unique take on KitPvP! All kits are balanced, and no kit is better than another. Every kit is tested by Goat Village’s amazing community, and receiving feedback is an important part of Goat Village’s server development. More kits are to come in frequent updates!


New Gamemode: The Bridge

The Bridge is releasing on Monday the 21st of February! The Bridge features custom maps and cages! It is a very popular gamemode, offering exciting and fast paced combat. The first player to reach 100 wins in The Bridge will get a 50% discount on the server store!


Gamemodes Releasing Soon

     Duels: Goat Village has multiple incredible duel gamemodes in development! These gamemodes include Knockback Duels, Classic Duels, and many more to come!


     Spleef: Spleef is a classic gamemode, where players try to “spleef” each other by breaking snow blocks underneath the opponent. The server has multiple well-made custom Spleef maps, all of which vary from one another, offering different gameplay styles for each map.


     Ice Boat Racing: Ice Boat Racing will be a thrilling game on Goat Village, offering beautiful custom made maps, twisting turns, and fantastic falls. In the adventure Ice Boat Racing gamemode, you can explore and discover new worlds, npcs, and earn coins. Competitive players can test their skills in dangerous terrain, from large icy mountains, to large, active volcanoes. Make sure to check out Ice Boat Racing (1.18+) when it comes out!


Server Store

Goat Village offers a linear, clear-cut ranking system, and the staff is constantly adding perks for our ranked players! Check out our store with this link! store.goatvillage.net