Gifts Fit for the Average Minecraftian

Valve – Steam Gift Card

It is safe to assume that someone who plays minecraft generally enjoys video games, so naturally Steam wallet funds are always going to be appreciated as Steam is the logical place to buy video games these days.

ThinkGeek – Minecraft Wall Torch

A classic pulled from every teenager’s 2012 birthday wishlist, this is still a cool decoration to be used as a more subtle reference to Minecraft on a wall near a computer.

Frank Herbert – Dune

Becuase why not? Dune is absolutely and without a doubt a must read for all people at least once in their life. Certainly one of western civilization’s defining novels in the past century, and probably unparalleled in its scope as a science fiction novel.

Klaus Teuber – Catan

A legendary, expandable, and addictive board game, and the jumping off point for many into the world of enthusiast and niche tabletop games. Playing through Minecraft is fun, so why not undertake the settling of an island in a board game as well?

Wube Software – Factorio

Not on Amazon, but it would be illegal to leave off of a list like this: A simulation factory building and management game centered around crashing on a planet and having to build up industry to make a rocket. This game is fine-tuned and packed with Wube’s solid german engineering. The game’s two founders played modded minecraft heavily, but found that it was horribly unoptimized and lacking in several key areas of gameplay. This game is considered by many to be highly addictive and fun, and is the second highest rated game on steam. A must-play for sure. Buy it with the steam gift card!

Nvidia – Titan RTX Graphics Card

The fastest graphics in the world. An logical pc upgrade for anyone with a fierce hatred of their own money and looking to absolutely max out their performance. One may say that it is completely overkill, but they may change their mind when they remember that Minecraft is essentially 11 years of code stacked on top of one swedish guy’s horridly unoptimized Java foundation.

Minecraft Pajama Pants from the depths of Amazon

Probably, nay DEFINITELY, not licensed by Mojang – Some may call you a loser for wearing creeper face pajama pants, but who cares, they’re probably maybe comfortable.

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