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What awaits you here??

1. Update to the economic calendar every week no later than Monday morning

2. News around the crypto world and in general
& automated, important news that you receive immediately to stay up-to-date
& automated whale transactions so you know how much whales are moving
#whale alert

3. Chat with the community & a own chat where you can ask me any question

4. Buy alert about my personal short and long term trades/investments

5. Great gem calls from Arnold

6. Great meme calls from Casablanca

7. Presale projects with good potential

8. Degen projects with good potential

9. Chart analyzes of every coin/token you want & I’ll keep you up to date on the crypto market in general, how Bitcoin behaves

10. My personal Holder Portfolio
& summarized on Coingecko #📌・coingecko

11. Here I show you my successful trades

12. Here I will show you how I plan my profits in the Bull Run (Mania Phase)

13. Here you can read my favorite quotes that will not only help you get ahead in the crypto space but also to become and stay successful in life in general.

14. My official social media channels

**We also have experienced investors here who started investing in cryptos early on in 2016. You are welcome to exchange ideas with anyone here. The goal is to support everyone and ultimately make profits and, most importantly, realize them. It doesn’t do you any good if the wallet has done many x’s but you just watch it. There has to be a plan, a strategy, a system from when you should start realizing profits. A very, very important part where many or even most people make mistakes.**

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT investment/Financial Advice