Ghoul-Craft – A Minecraft Survival Server Challenge – Hard Mode



On Ghoul-Craft we aim to build a strong community with players from all over the world. We are a Survival server set on HARD mode with mob levels increasing every 300 blocks for that extra challenge.

Some Features include:
Towny – Create towns
MobMoney – Gain Money For Killing Hostile Mobs
Auto Parkour – A Course That Builds Itself
QuickShop – For Players Who Like To Buy and Sell
Lottery – For Those Who Like A Gamble, it draws Every Hour.
McMMO – So players Can Have Skills And Goals To Achieve
TnTRun – A Fun Minigame To Pass Time.
Crate Envoy – Every Hour, there is an area where loot crates will drop if there are more than 2 players online.

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