Freeland Anarchy – An Anarchy Server for Everyone!

Are you sick of these big anarchy servers? Tired of destroyed spawns that take hours to get out of? Bored of barren wastelands such as 2b2t? Then Freeland Anarchy is the server for you. Fresh off of the plate with a fresh world as well as a stable, speedy server which is paired with a reliable Australian internet connection. This server is perfect for those who like to play disregarding any rules. Our audience? Everybody. Anarchy servers have no targeted audience, they umbrella the entire Minecraft community due to it’s 100% vanilla gameplay. There’s not much to it really. TL;DR, Freeland Anarchy is a new Australian anarchy server! Experience low ping in Australia as well as a fresh world! No need to deal with barren wastelands anymore . So what’re you waiting for? Join today with the IP or visit our website for more information!


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