Free Minecraft Admin Panel for Windows – Managing Your Minecraft Server

Yet another Minecraft server aka YAMS is a Minecraft server management software that allows you to run a Minecraft server on windows with ease.

YAMS allows you to add the Minecraft server as a windows service, so if your computer is on, your Minecraft server will always be running!

YAMS is not a server wrapper, it’s for providing the vanilla Minecraft experience, but also in an always-on environment. In addition, YAMS is designed to help make including dynamic and static maps of one’s server effortless, and also to supply a public front side for your server for your current community to experience whilst taking the frustration away from mastering console commands.

The main features of YAMS are:

  • Installer which includes downloading latest Minecraft server
  • Runs itself as a Windows service
  • Opens firewall ports automatically and closes them again when not needed
  • If UPnP router is available, will try and forward ports
  • Includes free dynamic DNS so your players don’t need to know your IP
  • Detects a Minecraft server crash and automatically restarts
  • Runs multiple Minecraft servers within it’s service, no need to log on and start manually
  • Checks dependencies on install and guides through installing any requirements
  • Provides admin web interface for sending console commands and splits chat messages out
  • Right-click menu for easily managing players
  • Logs everything to a database
  • Back up your servers to your own schedule with the job engine
  • Map your server on demand and to a schedule with Overviewer
  • Serve the output of renders on a built-in webserver
  • Can run Vanilla, Bukkit or the weekly snapshots.